Viral media page growth

Here are the statistics from a great opening month of organic growth for a brand new viral media page that was built by Sharpen - We had an idea. Identified a niche. We built the page and then began posting relevant content, gaining a market share of views, audience time, and engagement within the area.

The results we managed to achieve were remarkable, and they paint a picture of the thought, preparation and planning that goes into account management. This level of service shines through into every project, no matter how big or small.

Fitness brand development / Page growth

This start-up company had an ambitious six month growth target to coincide with their mobile app launch. To achieve this we wasted no time in overhauling the content schedule and making impactful alterations to the type of content that was being produced and released to their following.

This helped us to cement the brand’s online identity within the fitness social media space and relevant circles. The new strategy was received well and instantly translated to steady, organic growth - our carefully planned online, social and traditional marketing campaigns allowed us to grow every output channel they had, forming a solid and loyal audience which had a significant and permanent effect on sales and brand perception.

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